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Invisible Air Purifier For Your Car

When you are on road, air pollution is there inside your car cabin and gets trapped due to which you face allergy symptoms. This happens because your car AC is not protecting you against pollution as it has low quality filter, which only stop large particles. but not the micro particles. Goodlifegears Car Air Purifier is a replacement air filter that ensure clean air which is 99.9% free from deadly pollutants such as PM2.5, PM1.0, Viruses, Bacteria, Smoke etc.

Control Air Quality In Your Car Using Car Air Purifier Filter

Our vehicles our dangerously exposed to air pollution as we are in middle of diesel exhaust, vehicular pollution, road dust etc. when we are driving on the city road. In addition to this, due to heat, moisture etc. our vehicles are home to molds, bacteria, viruses etc. Stop air pollution in your car by using goodlifegears car air purifier filter as normal car cabin filter is only designed to stop insects, dust particles and other large particles to enter into air conditioner coils.

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Why do you need to use the right car filter?


Control 99.9% pollution in car

Capture 99.9% deadly pollutants to give you clean air to breathe


Trap Most Foul Smell

Capture most of the foul smelling molds, bacteria in your car


No Sneezing In Car

Gasp clean air in fraction of minutes due to high AC fan capacity

Filteration Technology

High Efficiency and Low Resistance HEPA Air Purifier Filters are high technology products which are manufactured in state of art certified laboratories. These filters comply the ISO standards to provide air free from particles up to size 0.3 microns with efficiency up to 99.97%. They are equipped to capture virus, bacteria, aerosol, micro-organisms, PM2.5, PM1.0 etc. These are used in highly clean atmosphere such as Operation theatre, Hospitals, Airport etc.

Breathe Clean Air In Your Car In just 5 minutes!

We believe in testing our products and show the real life test to our audience so that they can have full confidence on our technology. From most polluted air to best quality air in just 5 minutes.

Reason To Choose Good Life Gear


Before: Regular AC Filters only protect your car AC because it is made from low grade material. It does not stop any of the pollutant and you keep on breathing polluted air while you drive.

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After: With Goodlifegears Car Air Purifier Filters, you breathe air which is 99.9% free from PM2.5, PM1.0, Viruses, Bacteria etc. so that you're fresh when you reach office or home after city driving.


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