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Why You Should Not Use Air Purifier In Auto Mode?

The Auto Mode in air purifiers – how do they work and is it worth?

Ever since Delhi has seen a black season somewhere in 2016, I am regular advocate of air purification products at home or office. I know that paying attention to the quality of air around me and my family is going to give me long term benefits.

For this I have been buying various brands of air purifiers and using them at my home, office and even in my car. After usage of air purifiers for almost 4-5 years, I have learnt many things which can be useful for those who have recently started using air purifiers.

Most of air purifiers in the market have this feature called “Auto Mode” or “Smart Mode” and there is simple mechanism for this feature to work. There is an air quality monitor inside the air purifier and when the monitor sense pollution, air purifier speed changes and it goes back to silent when the air becomes good.

While using the air purifier on auto mode, the AQI in the room is never achieved safe limits because of various reasons given as below:

  1. The air quality monitor fitted on the machine is extremely inaccurate and gives false air quality indication to the occupant of the room. When I checked the AQI using a laser egg AQI monitor, I found that many times the machine indicator showed “Good Air” but the AQI was really bad on Laser Egg.

  2. Brands intentionally manipulate settings of the AQI monitor so that the user feels safe when the AQI is showing “Safe” but actually the quality of the air may be quite bad.

  3. With bad air quality, machine turns to high speed, which is not recommended for good clean air efficiency but after some time due to faulty AQI monitor, it gets back to silent mode. Therefore, machine is never cleaning the room air in proper manner leaving the occupants to breathe dirty air.

Conclusion: You Should Know About Air Purifier Modes & Never Use It In Auto Mode as it always leaves room in dirty condition despite of the AQI monitor showing “Good”.

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